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More and more research studies and clinical trials are being conducted to examine the effectiveness of integrative medicine therapies. The dedicated professionals at University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network also participate in a variety of research studies that look at how holistic therapies can be used to treat specific conditions. You can learn more about our latest clinical trials and research projects on this page.

Controlling Pre-Hypertension with Stress Management

Half of all the adults in the U.S. have blood pressure that is too high, yet not high enough to be treated with medication.

This condition is known as pre-hypertension, and it is something which UH Connor Integrative Health Network at University Hospitals is studying. It has received a research grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to do so. Now, participants are being sought to participate in this research, which is called the Serenity Study.

Here’s what it is about: Most doctors recommend treating pre-hypertension with lifestyle changes such as improving diet, exercising and losing weight. However, some scientists take that belief further, positing that stress reduction may also lower blood pressure, as well as encourage important lifestyle changes.

So if you are someone whose blood pressure is slightly elevated, and you are interested in learning more about how to manage stress, you may want to participate in a free stress management program at UH Connor Integrative Health Network.

This joint project by University Hospitals, Kent State University and the University of Pennsylvania is designed to test whether stress management training can help lower blood pressure among individuals with pre-hypertension. Ninety participants will be sought.

The study will also evaluate whether this stress management training can help increase the lifestyle behaviors that are proven to lower blood pressure in individuals with prehypertension.

Who is Eligible for the Integrative Medicine Clinical Studies?

To be eligible for the study, you should be between the ages of 21 and 70 and a non-smoker who is not taking blood pressure medication. You also must have pre-hypertension, which means having systolic blood pressure in the range of 120-140 or diastolic blood pressure in the range of 80-90.

If you want to participate, your blood pressure will be measured several times to see if you are eligible. Then, those individuals who are eligible and want to take part in the study will be randomly assigned to a stress management program.

What the Optimal Health Study Involves

The stress management training program involves eight weekly 2.5-hour classes, in addition to a full-day stress management retreat. A thorough assessment of blood pressure will be conducted at the beginning and end of the eight-week program. We will also follow-up with participants at 6 and 12 months following the program for further blood pressure assessments. The results will also be compared to participants in a control group who do not go through stress management training.

In addition to receiving eight weeks of group-based stress management, eligible participants may also receive monetary compensation for their time.

How to Participate

If you are interested in learning more about this important health study and would like to participate, please email serenitystudy@kent.edu.

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