Experience an Improved Level of Well-Being

Optimal health doesn’t just refer to a lack of illness, but the presence of well-being, regardless of the presence or absence of disease. It’s about feeling strong and vibrant, and not just what may be acceptable for your chronological age.

That’s why University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network is here: to enhance the healing provided by traditional medicine and offer a level of well-being you may never have experienced.

Evidence-Based Power of Holistic Healing

Since UH Connor Integrative Health Network’s founding four years ago, we’ve offered preventive and healing therapies – but only those that are evidence-based. After all, we are part of the University Hospitals quality health care system. UH Connor Integrative Health Network’s medical director, Francoise Adan, MD, is a physician, but she also knows from personal experience the power of healing that occurs not only with, but beyond, traditional medicine.

More than ever, many of us know that conditions for which we desire treatment aren’t always purely physical, nor can they be alleviated only by a prescription. We also know that many illnesses can be avoided or kept from worsening. That is why the approach of UH Connor Integrative Health Network is deep and all-encompassing.

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Lifestyle Medicine Team Approach with Expert Credentials

Our dedicated health care professionals also include acupuncturists, massage therapists, meditation guides, yoga instructors, and life coaches. All of our practitioners are experts with the highest credentials, whether in conventional medicine, integrative health, medical massage, exercise or Traditional Chinese Medicine. They will work closely with your primary care or specialty physicians to ensure that all the care you receive is coordinated and safe.

While there are many practitioners of complementary services throughout our community, availing yourself of services in a medical setting provides the certainty that those who are providing your healing therapy are highly trained and experienced, and follow the best practices model in health care. They are familiar with the most recent scientific research in their specialties, and they are rigorous about maintaining and enhancing their education in the field of integrative medicine. Integrative medicine happens not outside the parameters of medical specialties and departments, but within them. UH Connor Integrative Health Network is a place where compassionate, innovative and research-minded experts join together in a collaborative spirit.

National Perspective on Integrative Medicine for Optimal Health

For a national perspective on integrative medicine, we offer comprehensive information on evidence-based integrative medicine therapies. A broad and deep look at the many aspects of integrative medicine can be found at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

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