Patient Stories

The following patient stories demonstrate how the Vascular Center at University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute can help individuals suffering from vascular disorders get back to an active lifestyle. Treatment by our expert vascular surgeons and other experienced team members can make a significant difference in helping to reduce or eliminate a patient’s pain and improve his or her overall quality of life. Find out more about these patients and their successful treatment at UH.

Albert's Story

Vein Bypass Surgery Helps an Active 81-Year-Old Enjoy a Pain-Free Life Again

Jeff's Story

On the morning of October 2, 2017, Jeff Colvin awoke with pain in his chest. The long-haul driver from Alabama had spent the night in his 18-wheel semi tractor-trailer at an Austinburg, Ohio truck stop before heading out for another full day on...

Jim's Story

Jim's Story

On February 2016, Jim Burry visited Argentina and hiked in the Andes Mountains. In just one day, the 76-year-old from Cleveland Heights hiked 10 miles - on an incline the equivalent of 80 floors - and recorded 30,000 steps.

LaBryan's Story

This spring, 46-year-old LaBryan Swain of Elyria was experiencing excruciating pain that disrupted his life to the point that he could barely move.

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