Patient Resources

University Hospitals Center for Integrated and Novel Approaches in Vascular-Metabolic Disease (UH CINEMA) provides an array of resources, such as videos and virtual classes, to help patients manage their diabetes, kidney and cardiovascular health.

Virtual Health Talk

Listen to experts from UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute discuss how diabetes affects heart and kidney health, including a unique approach that focuses on the management of these overlapping issues.

UH CINEMA Patient Education Group

For patients with pre-diabetes or diabetes, the best way to stay healthy is to learn how to manage your condition while living the best quality of life. UH CINEMA offers an online education program with valuable information and a forum to interact with clinicians.

UH CINEMA Patient Education Videos

This series of educational videos provides information, advice, and guidance on issues surrounding diabetes, heart disease and other health issues, presented by the experts at UH CINEMA.

Clinical Trials

UH CINEMA offers multiple trials that target metabolic complications of type 2 diabetes throughout the University Hospitals system.