Employer Solutions

Workers' Compensation Services & Consulting

University Hospitals provides comprehensive workers’ compensation and safety consulting services to both state-funded and self-insured employers throughout Northeast Ohio. UH will work with your organization to offer the quality care and safety support needed to not only manage claims, but prevent future liabilities.

With a team that has an average of 20-plus years of experience in the workers’ compensation industry, we have a proven track record of helping employers reduce costs and create safe, productive work environments. Services include:

Claims Administration

Our in-house team performs more than simple claims processing. They deliver both onsite and telephone claims investigation, claim certification/rejection recommendations, settlement analysis and negotiation, litigation management and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation audit representation. We work quickly to analyze, investigate, manage and close claims to reduce time away from work and costs for your organization.

Case Management

Our fully integrated nurse case managers work closely with the injured worker’s physician to provide guidance on clinical decisions and treatment plans, while also assisting the employer with regulatory requirements. For state-funded clients, our nurse case managers will work with your BWC-certified managed care organization (MCO) to help facilitate return-to-work and control claims costs.

Reporting and Analytics

Our team delivers timely and relevant reporting to support our clients’ workers’ compensation strategies, including quarterly loss runs, injury trending, Medicare compliance and more.

Safety Management and Risk Control

Injury prevention is the best way to avoid costly claims. We work with you to identify cost drivers and areas for improvement. Our team can facilitate onsite safety evaluations, employee/supervisor training, OSHA compliance and recordkeeping, Temporary Alternative Duty/Transitional Duty program development and more.