Client Testimonials

Many University Hospitals Executive Health clients from both large and small organizations have touted the benefits of the program. Here is what some of them had to say about their experience.



"Dr. Buchinsky and the UH Executive Health team provided the right level of engagement for me to take an active interest in my well-being. The program fit my needs perfectly, providing me with practical guidance to help maximize my long-term health. I look forward to continuing my wellness journey with UH."
Michele Kuhrt, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc.

“The program is an exceptional reflection of UH’s commitment to personal and professional health care. The concierge approach, one-on-one time with the physician and follow-up are truly appreciated. Before my participation in the program six years ago, I hated going to the doctor’s office. Now I look forward to my annual exam.”
Pat Perry, President, ERC

“The visits with each practitioner in the Executive Health program are pre-booked for me by the team, and the exams and conversations are tailored to my needs. During my time with UH, I move seamlessly from one visit to another, ending the exam with a full understanding of my current health status and action plan for the coming year. The personalized report and follow-up I receive from my physician keeps me and my health on track.”
Carrie Morse, Vice President, Member Services & Partnerships, ERC

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