Comprehensive Physicals and Personalized Recommendations for the Busy Executive

We invite our clients to experience executive health in a new way. For nearly two decades, University Hospitals has provided a superior quality executive health program aimed at keeping executives healthy while remaining sensitive to the demands of their time.

Our personalized approach to executive health offers patients an unparalleled experience delivered by a team of professionals who care about each patient and his or her individual needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer access to best-in-class diagnostics and evaluations in a professional and private environment.

The convenient half-day program is designed to address each individual’s unique health risks and provide direction for improving or maintaining their healthy and active lifestyle. The program includes:

  • Health history and health risk assessments
  • Thorough examination with an Executive Health specialist
  • Age and gender specific diagnostic testing
  • Consultation with a registered dietitian
  • Evaluation with an exercise physiologist
  • Customized health plan and recommendations
  • Periodic follow-up with the Executive Health team throughout the year
  • Enhanced access to our system-wide network of specialists
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