Connect with a UH Surgical Oncologist Quickly, Any Time of Day or Night

At UH, we recognize that a new cancer diagnosis is often an emotional emergency. We also realize the magnitude of the responsibility that comes with caring for you or your family member. We respond to these needs by providing unparalleled access to our surgical oncology experts. In our experience, there is nothing more valuable to a patient with cancer. Therefore, the UH Surgical Oncology team wants to ensure that every patient with cancer has the same access to us that our own family would have. We offer several unique and unparalleled services to achieve this goal including:

  • Surgical Oncology Patient Liaison. Available 24/7 to patients with any of the cancers we treat by calling 216-286-3870 or by our online form below.
  • Immediate and Efficient Specialty Access. Speak by phone or through a virtual consult with a surgical oncologist within 24 hours.
  • Sustained Relationship Access. This level of access will continue throughout the duration of your care.