Renee’s Story

A Long Journey with Immeasurable Rewards

In 1990, Renee Bonner began treatment for breast cancer following a routine exam. She has been in cancer treatment ever since.

But through all those years during which Renee underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to treat her metastatic disease, something important happened: She lived her life.

The three decades were filled with precious milestones. She watched her son and daughter grow up, fall in love, marry and raise their own children. “That is what I have been wanting to see,” she says.

Her advice for other women hesitant to undergo a mammogram? “Having the fear is natural, because the fear of the unknown – they might find something,” she says. “But it is very important. If they find something and they catch it early enough, you can be treated and move on with your life. It’s not always bad news.”