Liver Cancer

UH Virtual Consult for Liver Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with liver cancer, it is very important to begin treatment as soon as possible. And because the first step in cancer treatment is often surgery, consulting with a UH surgical oncologist should be your first priority.

A virtual consultation with a UH surgical oncologist offers the following benefits:

  • Prompt evaluation and treatment. Virtual consults are scheduled within 24-48 hours after you contact us so the most effective treatment(s) for you can be determined and quickly begin. Establishing a trusting relationship with one of our surgeons, understanding your options and being involved in your own treatment decisions can help reduce anxiety throughout your treatment and recovery journey.
  • Convenience. With a virtual consult there is no need to travel. You can talk to one of our surgical oncologists from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Affordable. Virtual consultations are among the most affordable options for care, costing about the same as a traditional office visit copay. All major insurance plans are accepted.
  • Second opinion consults available.. If you have already spoken to a surgeon about treatment for your liver cancer, it is always beneficial to get a second opinion. UH virtual consultations are offered for both initial and second opinion appointments.

How to Schedule a Virtual Consultation

Fill out the form below or call 216-286-3870. We will contact you in 24 – 48 hours to schedule your appointment on a day and time that is convenient for you.

During your virtual consultation, you will meet with a surgeon to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. By the end of your appointment, your surgeon will provide you with their expert recommendations and your next steps for receiving the care you need. We encourage patients to make a list of questions and concerns they may want to discuss with the doctor.