Adolescent Psychiatry for Teens and Emerging Adults

The transition to adulthood is filled with challenges. Each person’s journey is unique, and life doesn’t come with a clear roadmap. Sometimes things happen that make the transition to adulthood harder, and for young adults suffering from mental illness, the road can be even more difficult.

In our efforts to provide optimal care for adolescents and young adults ages 16 – 29, the University Hospitals Department of Psychiatry has formulated a line of specialized services for this age group, known as the Transitional Youth Initiative. We have brought together providers with clinical and research interests in young adult development to innovate services that are most suitable for the needs of emerging adults, including medication management and individual and group psychotherapies.

In particular, we have developed approaches to build skills in four areas that are implicit in positive adult development:

  • Self-managing your health care
  • Developing values, meaning, and identity
  • Initiative and self-determined living
  • Building positive relationships

These skills and others are featured in our individual care and in our Transitions Mentorship Group, which meets weekly, and is open to young adults feeling stuck in their process.

Mental Health Disorders We Treat

Beyond these philosophical goals, we provide adolescent psychiatric help for a full spectrum of conditions including:

We work with parents and youth in ongoing management of pediatric-onset conditions, as well as new-onset mental health issues. Our adolescent psychiatry experts provide full evaluation and customized care plans for a broad spectrum of needs, with the goal of maximizing positive mental health and independent living.

UH Transitions Mentorship Group

The Transitions Mentorship Group is a weekly interactive workshop series for young adults ages 18-29 years old. With each session, we will train participants in mentor-mentee relationships with coaching in tailored skill sets, including:

  • Time management, goal setting, and starting new things
  • Dealing with friendships, workplace and family
  • Navigating adulthood
  • Developing values, identity and fulfillment

The Transitions Mentorship Group meets every Thursday from 1 – 2:30 p.m. Please contact UH Department of Psychiatry at 216-844-2400 for more information.

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