Comprehensive Treatments for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

The UH Department of Psychiatry provides a full range of diagnosis, treatment and management services for adults suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Intellectual and developmental disabilities are usually present at birth and can negatively affect the course of a person’s physical, intellectual and/or emotional development.

  • Intellectual disabilities are those that display a limited mental ability and difficulty with behaviors such as managing money, schedules and routines, or social interactions. Intellectual disabilities generally start before the age of 18 and may result from physical causes (autism or cerebral palsy) or nonphysical causes (lack of stimulation and adult responsiveness).
  • Developmental disabilities are long-term and can affect cognitive ability and/or physical functioning. These disabilities generally surface by age 22 and are lifelong. Some developmental disabilities are physical, such as blindness or being deaf. Others involve both physical and intellectual disabilities caused by Down syndrome or fetal alcohol syndrome.

Our team of experts specialize in treating a wide range of disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy and those caused by Down syndrome or fetal alcohol syndrome.