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James' Story: Former Police Officer Beats Alcohol Addiction

In 2012, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis and doctors advised me to quit drinking. I did. A year ago, I was doing much better and equated that good feeling with allowing myself to drink again. My drinking escalated to the point of having black outs. My wife would find me on the floor – she was very concerned.

I fell, hit my head and ended up in the hospital where I finally determined that drinking on top of my medications was not working. My blood pressure dropped dangerously low and I was in a very low place. After several days, I was discharged with the names of several drug addiction doctors to contact for follow up. The earliest appointment I could get was two weeks out. After four days at home, I was sick with DTs. My solution was to have a drink to feel better.

My wife heard a radio ad for a local program for drug and alcohol treatment at University Hospitals. I called and was scheduled for a consultation immediately. I was then admitted to the hospital and went through medical detox. The difference now was that this team was not sending me home without a support system in place. The team created an individualized program for me so that I could stay sober. I had one-on-one therapy sessions scheduled and the team found an addiction specialist more convenient to my home. I have not had a drink since this time.

As a former cop, I understand the value that this program has given to me and my family. Keep it going – expand it!

Dustin's Story: "You Saved My Life"

I am writing this letter as a small token of appreciation. I believe that you saved my life on December 9th and helped be to stay clean to this very moment. When I was admitted to University Hospitals Portage Medical Center, the team in Addiction Services was there for me. They were fantastic in implementing an opiate addiction treatment plan and then helping me make the decision to ultimately surrender. If it weren’t for the program, I may have left the hospital – and would probably not be alive today.

Often addicts feel that it is easier to keep using drugs that to seek help. But with this program, I am able to actively pursue finding myself again – the person I was before I started using opiates almost a decade ago. I grow happier and more grateful every day. I plan on helping others who feel the hopelessness I felt. So, you not only saved me, you've saved the others I plan on helping.

Mike's Story: A Fighting Chance at Staying Clean and Sober

As a former addict, I can't say enough good things about the Addiction Services program, their addiction counselors and staff and the care I received. I have been through many recovery programs and failed miserably at all of them. I feel positive now that I have a fighting chance of staying clean and sober. And I will certainly recommend this program to anyone battling addiction. This service is awesome!

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