Medically Assisted Treatment For A Variety Of Addictions

Addiction counselors at University Hospitals create medication assisted services for addictions and withdrawal symptoms for a variety of substance addictions, including:


  • Alcohol addiction
  • Opiate addiction or opioid addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Fentanyl addiction
  • OxyContin addiction
  • Percocet addiction

When Should Someone Seek Treatment?

Someone should seek addiction services when he or she recognizes any of these signs:

  • Patients who cannot stop drinking and/or taking opioids, illegal opioids, non-prescribed opioids daily. Evidenced by:
    • Chronic relapse
    • Drug cravings
    • Inability to abstain from using drugs and alcohol
    • Inability to control behavior
    • Inability to recognize significant problems in behaviors and relationships
      • Loss of job
      • Neglectful parenting
      • Financial difficulties
      • Neglect of health
    • Dysfunctional or inappropriate emotional responses
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