Facial Plastics

ENT Plastic Surgery Procedures at University Hospitals

Board-certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeons at University Hospitals are devoted to improving function and aesthetics through expert facial reconstructive surgery. We offer a broad array of surgeries and cosmetic procedures for any part of the face and neck, including the nose, ears and lips.

As otolaryngologists with additional fellowship training in facial plastic surgery, our surgeons combine advanced techniques, minimally invasive surgical approaches and non-surgical treatments to help patients improve function or achieve a refreshed appearance while maintaining a natural appearance. Our facial plastic surgeons use a team-based strategy, working with dentists or oral maxillofacial surgeons and eye or oculoplastic surgeons so you receive the highest quality care with improved outcomes.

Individualized Treatments to Meet Your Goals

Either due to injury, previous facial trauma, medical treatment or age, there are many reasons to consider a surgical procedure by a skilled facial plastic surgeon. Our team has the experience and expertise in surgical excellence for cosmetic or facial reconstruction surgery. Because our facial plastic surgeons have extensive training in both otolaryngology and facial plastics, they better understand the complex anatomy and physiology of the entire head and neck.

Our surgeons perform extensive interviews with patients to develop an individualized treatment plan based on each patient’s needs and desired outcome.

During the pre-surgical interview, the surgeon may ask you to look in a mirror and talk about what features are most bothersome. Then the surgeon may continue the conversation about what is motivating the desire for the surgery. Talking through the surgeon’s analysis of your facial features can then lead to a more complete discussion of the wide range of possibilities from reconstructive to cosmetic procedures.

Our surgeons are also highly experienced and specialized in treating diverse facial and skin characteristics. We understand what makes your face unique and want to preserve or restore the features that you recognize and love.

Experienced Cosmetic and Reconstructive Specialists

Our surgeons at UH are trained and experienced in all types of facial plastic surgery procedures, as well as using Botox and other injectables. We continually seek out the latest surgical techniques, treatments and technologies for success and our surgeons are required to continue professional training in their specialization. That knowledge and advanced training helps expand our range of safe and effective facial plastic surgery procedures and services.

Our internationally renowned experts perform both aesthetic, or cosmetic, and reconstructive surgical procedures. Many procedures use minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as endoscopy, for less scarring and faster healing.

Our facial plastic surgery services include:

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