Father of Two Earns New Lease on Life After Losing 200 Pounds with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Victor Oddo pictured before his bariatric surgery
Victor Oddo after his bariatric surgery

Victor Oddo dreamed of the future and one day walking his daughters down the aisle at their weddings; but with his weight at 469 pounds, he believed his days were numbered. Not only did Vic live with high blood pressure, sleep apnea and chronic joint pain, but it was also difficult for him to take part in regular daily activities that most people take for granted. Vic regularly avoided places like malls and home improvement stores.

“So I went to a weight loss surgery information session at University Hospitals where I met a UH nurse who had undergone bariatric (weight loss) surgery,” Vic said. “She was like a friend who told me the ins and outs of the different surgeries. She explained that the surgery was only a ‘tool’, and if I started to eat a lot of food again, my stomach would stretch, and I would gain the weight back.”

Vic had the Sleeve Gastrectomy, at University Hospitals Digestive Health Institute’s Nutritional Health & Bariatric Surgery Center in May 2011, and his life has changed dramatically. The Sleeve Gastrectomy is one of the newer weight loss surgery operations that removes about 80 to 90 percent of the stomach; it restricts the amount of food that can be eaten, but does not re-route the intestines.

Within weeks, Vic was well on his way to enjoying more energy and a healthier, lighter body. He lost nearly 80 pounds the first two months after the surgery. In total, he lost 200 pounds over a period of two years.

Victor Oddo pictured before his bariatric surgery
Victor Oddo before his bariatric surgery

“I went from a size 24 shirt to a size 18,” Vic said, “I used to wear size 64 pants but now I’m a 44.”

Additionally, Vic’s sleep apnea was resolved with his weight loss, and his joint pain and high blood pressure have also drastically improved. Vic says his quality of life is 150 percent better than it was at his heaviest weight. Before, it was too difficult to do everyday activities, and now he is able to be active and wants to be around people.

This father of two now spends his spare time attending his daughter’s high school softball games, camping, swimming, and enjoying life. For a man who once thought his days were numbered, Vic now has a new lease on a very healthy and active life.