Young Mom Now Has the Energy to Keep Up With Her Son After Weight Loss Surgery

Ashley Burch pictured after her bariatric surgery
Ashley Burch after her bariatric surgery

Imagine losing weight without even thinking about it. That is what Ashley Burch, 26, did as she dropped more than 100 pounds in a year’s time — without feeling hungry or tired.

At barely 5 feet tall, this young mom originally weighed 271 pounds, which made it impossible to be active, much less keep up with her energetic 6-year-old son.

“I was so sluggish and had no desire to do anything,” Ashley said. “So I sat around and watched TV, or I took naps every day with my son.”

Ashley had heard about University Hospitals Nutritional Health & Bariatric Surgery Center from her primary care provider through University Hospitals. Hoping that weight loss surgery may benefit her, she made an appointment to talk with the staff on January 30, 2012 — the day that changed her life forever.

“The staff at University Hospitals was amazing,” Ashley said. “They really prepare you, telling you all about the bariatric surgery procedure, the recovery and the diet I would have to follow for life.”

Ashley Burch pictured after her bariatric surgery
Ashley Burch before her bariatric surgery

“I met with Dr. Leena Khaitan, Director of the UH Bariatric Surgery Center, her nursing staff, as well as the dietitian, psychologist, cardiologist and other specialists,” Ashley said. “It was definitely a comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation.”

Other patients who previously had weight loss surgery talked to Ashley about their experiences. This strong support helped boost her confidence as she set the date for her gastric bypass surgery for the end of March 2012.

In less than a year since the surgery, Ashley went from a size 26 to a size 14. Her new mantra is “Go big, or go home!” Instead of napping on the couch after work, Ashley exercises immediately when she gets home. And this energetic woman even coaches her son’s baseball team.

“My son loves it that we can do things together now,” Ashley said. “He’s so proud of his healthier mom, and I’m proud of me, too.”