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BPD/DS Weight-Loss Surgery | University Hospitals

BPD/DS Weight-Loss Surgery. If you are extremely obese and have tried without success to get your weight under control, your healthcare provider may recommend a bariatric surgical procedure known as biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS).

Bariatric Hospitals & Weight Loss Surgery Center ...

University Hospitals Digestive Health Institute’s Nutritional Health & Bariatric Surgery Center provides a range of services focusing on nutrition and weight loss.

Bariatric Surgery at University Hospitals Helps Patient ...

Julie Szitas after her bariatric surgery. After battling obesity nearly all of her life, Julie Szitas experienced a tragic and life-changing event at age 30, when her mother died of complications related to obesity and heart disease.

Home - University Hospitals

Endoscopic Techniques in Bariatric Surgery. Thursday, January 23, 2020 UH Cleveland Medical Center | Cleveland, Ohio. It is designed to be an overview of the use of endoscopy in all aspects of bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Experts Help Gastric Bypass Patient Overcome ...

Marianne Dergham after her bariatric surgery. Marianne Dergham, of Gates Mills, Ohio, had always struggled with her weight. By age 23, there were signs that it was starting to affect her health.

Ashley's Story | University Hospitals

Ashley Burch after her bariatric surgery. Imagine losing weight without even thinking about it. That is what Ashley Burch, 26, did as she dropped more than 100 pounds in a year’s time — without feeling hungry or tired.

General Surgery Residency Program Faculty | Graduate ...

Meet the General Surgery Residency Program faculty, including top surgical professionals that provide high-quality patient care integrated with clinical and basic science research.

Jessica and John's Story | Digestive Health Services ...

Jessica and John Griffin tried cutting calories, restricting carbohydrates and limiting their food intake. At more than 300 pounds each, the young Brecksville couple were held hostage by obesity and its accomplices of weight-related health problems, like numbing foot pain, sleep apnea and diabetes.

UH Elyria Medical Center | Visit Some Of The Top Surgeons ...

UH Elyria Medical Center has a history of over 100 years of high-quality and responsive service. At this Elyria hospital, we provide many services such as a 24/7 emergency room care, birthing center, mental health care and so much more. Schedule an appointment at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center to help you with your health care needs.

University Hospitals

University Hospitals, based in Cleveland, OH, is one of the nation's leading healthcare systems comprised of expert and renowned surgeons, doctors, and clinicians. With hospitals, health centers, urgent care locations, and other facilities throughout Northeast Ohio, University Hospitals is positioned to provide the best patient-centric medical care to the community.

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