At UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital we have a longitudinal research curriculum which provides residents with both didactic education on clinical research skills and ample time and flexibility to complete meaningful scholarly work. Residents work on their projects throughout their residency and may use a 2 or 4-week elective block in their final years of training to complete their work.

All residents produce and present a scholarly project before the end of residency. These projects include all types of scholarly work including hypothesis-driven research, robust quality improvement projects, and educational scholarship. To ensure the success of our residents, we provide an annual didactic curriculum that includes topics from all facets of scholarly activity so that residents can take advantage of the information to build their research skills as their projects progress.


  • Introduction to Scholarly Activities
  • Searching the Literature
  • Research Study Design
  • Institutional Review Board Preparation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Scholarship Dissemination – Where and How

In addition to didactic sessions, each resident chooses a faculty research mentor from our large, accomplished faculty and program microgrants to fund projects.

Our curriculum culminates each year with our annual Science Day. This day-long research symposium gives our graduating residents the opportunity to present their work to their faculty and peers. In addition, many of our residents have had the opportunity to share their work at regional and national meetings.

We are proud to share a bibliography from our last year’s Science Day:

Breastfeeding Among Patients of an Urban Pediatric Practice: A Retrospective Study
Megan Hawes, MD, Nori Minich, BS, Lydia Furman, MD

Impact of Breastfeeding Education Interventions on Pediatric Resident Proficiency with Breastfeeding Management
Carly Dykstra, MD, Katherine Griswold, MD, Nori Minich, BS

RAP Healthy Lifestyles Initiative Program
Molly Jonna, MD, Courtney Batt, MD, Andrea Scioscia, MD, Allison Cheng, MD, Rina Lazebnik, MD

Injury Prevention Education in the Waiting Room of an Urban, Underserved Pediatric Primary Care Clinic
Nikita Habermehl, DO, Grace Kim, MD, Elizabeth Diekroger, MD and Rina Lazebnik, MD

Medical Home Chapter Champions Program on Asthma, Allergy, and Anaphylaxis Quality Improvement Project
Angela Marko, DO, Elise Bream, MD, Ross Myers, MD

Pediatric Resident Experiences with Asthma Education and Management
Claire Gahm, MD, Ross Myers, MD

Determining the Ability of Pediatric Residents to Identify the Components and Classification Status of Asthma Severity for Patients Admitted for Asthma Exacerbation
Angelica Mazzarini, MD, Ross Myers, MD

Rates of Hospitalization for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients with and without Concurrent Liver Disease
Linda Wang, MD, Maricruz Crespo, MD, Thomas J. Sferra, MD, Jonathan Moses, MD

Evaluating the Cost Effectiveness of Pediatric Echocardiograms Ordered by Pediatric Hospitalists in the Inpatient Setting
Emina Hodzic, MD, James Strainic, MD, Christopher Snyder, MD, Joan Steinberg, PhD, MS, MPH

Neonatal Outcomes of Fetuses with Detected Ventricular Size Discrepancy by Fetal Echocardiography
Rachel Taylor, MD, James Strainic, MD

Police Officer Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Audrey Christiansen, MD, Marie Clark, MD, MPH

One Hour Motivational Interviewing Curriculum in Residency Education
Amy Couturier, MD, Marie Clark, MD, MPH

Improving Pediatric Resident Knowledge of Code Blue Locations in a Large Academic Medical Center
Allison Cheng, MD, Anand Sandesara, MD, Ingrid Anderson, MD, Sarah Ronis, MD

Physiologic Effects of Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation in Critically Ill Pediatric Patients
Michael Mount, MD, Supriya Sharma, MD, Chris Peluso DO, Marla Carter, DO, Steven Shein, MD

Impact of ID Badges with Pediatric Advanced Life Support Guidelines on Resident Access to Information and Confidence Level When Treating Life-Threatening Conditions
Aamer H. Khan, MD, Hoda T. Hammad, MS, MPH, Ingrid M. Anderson, MD

Utilization of a Longitudinal Mnemonic (PATIENT/ILLPATIENT) for Handoff Training to Increase Efficiency and Confidence in Resident Physicians: A Quality Improvement Project
Christopher Jones, DO, Kathryn Miller, MD, Ingrid Anderson, MD

Implementation and Evaluation of an LGBT Safe Zone Training Program for Pediatric Residents
Stephanie Brown, MBBS, Marie Clark, MD, MPH

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