Ambulatory Clinic

Our residents have the opportunity to participate in two separate primary care experiences, each with their own unique educational opportunities:

UH Rainbow Pediatric Practice

In July 2018, the new environmentally friendly UH Rainbow Center for Women & Children opened its doors to the midtown Cleveland community. Developed and built in close partnership with the community we serve, this facility is the home for the resident primary continuity clinic and ambulatory block. The building houses medical care for women and children, including mental health, dental and vision services, a pharmacy, a WIC office, medical-legal partnership and additional community resources to comprehensively meet the needs of patients and families in the city of Cleveland. As part of our new 6 + 2 scheduling model, residents have a combined experience of primary care, specialty care, and ½ day interactive educational sessions during this repeating 2 week block.

OBRE (Outpatient Based Residency Experience)

This block experience for PL-2 residents provides an immersion experience in a community based practice. Residents work with one of our outstanding general pediatricians in the UH Rainbow Care Network throughout this experience. The educational objectives of this rotation include, in addition to direct patient care, topics such as billing and coding, telephone triage, and practice management. Residents also complete a self-directed reflection exercise that allows them to compare their experiences in the community with those in their own continuity clinic.

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