Offering Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Guidelines for Patients and Physicians

At the Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Center, we know that a cancer diagnosis can come as a shock. It can be especially hard to cope with during a period of life often marked by transitions: finishing school, beginning a career or starting a family. To help prepare adolescent and young adult or AYA cancer patients for their cancer journey, our team offers the following National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines to arm them with as much information as possible about what they will experience during their cancer treatment. UH Seidman Cancer Center is a part of this network. These guidelines offer basic information on cancer tests and treatments, tips for coping with the physical and emotional challenges of cancer, and information on educational and support resources.

Download Guidelines for Patients

We also offer clinical guidelines for physicians, provided by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. These guidelines cover types of AYA cancer and current treatment methods, as well as supportive care guidelines for physicians to help them meet the unique needs, both medical and emotional, of adolescent, teen and young adult cancer patients.

Download Guidelines for Physicians

Questions to Ask

After a cancer diagnosis, you may find yourself overwhelmed during your first appointment with your doctor. To help make the most of your first appointment, please refer to the following questions that you can ask your physician. Asking the right questions will help you get all the information you need to make the best decisions for your health.

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