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Clinical Trials

Access to More Clinical Trials and Innovative Therapies

Because of the strength in our research enterprise, our patients have access to new and promising treatment options. We are one of few sites in the world to offer the groundbreaking CAR T-cell therapy  to children and young adults with relapsed or refractory (resistant cancer). This highly advanced therapy modifies a patient’s own immune cells, so they can identify and fight deadly cancer cells.

To keep our patients at the forefront of blood disorder treatment, our board-certified specialists participate in ongoing national and international research projects. Thanks to the latest medical advances, we’ve been able to diminish complication rates and reduce the number of hospital admissions for patients with sickle cell disease.

Our collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach makes clinical trials more accessible to pediatric patients. By working closely with the UH Seidman Cancer Center for adults, we are able to offer adolescent and young adult patients access to the same clinical trials that are typically only available for older patients.

As an academic medical center, at University Hospitals, we are steadfast in our commitment to advance medical treatment and improve outcomes for patients of all ages who are diagnosed with cancer or blood disorders.