Common Price Estimator Questions

Definitions of Terms

  • Total Charges: The hospital’s total gross charge for the service selected.
  • Your Insurance Allowable Amount: The dollar amount that is typically considered payment-in-full by your insurance company. This includes both payments made by your insurance company as well as the amount your insurance company states that you, the patient, are responsible for.
  • Your Insurance Co-Pay Amount: A copayment or copay is a fixed amount paid by the patient before receiving a covered service. It may be defined in an insurance policy and is paid by the patient each time they receive the service.
  • Your Co-Insurance Amount: The percentage of the amount covered that your insurance requires you to pay based on your individual benefit plan.
  • Your Insurance Deductible Amount: The annual amount you have to pay each year before your benefit plans starts paying benefits based on your insurance plan selection.
  • Your Estimate Hospital Cost for Care: The estimated amount/cost for hospital services you will be responsible for paying (may differ if services rendered change).

Common Pricing Questions