research building

Clinical Research

Given the high volume and case variety available to residents, there are endless opportunities for clinical research. On average, there are 30-40 ongoing clinical projects at any given time, focused on many different topics. Epidemiology experts and statisticians are always available to assist with projects. Additionally, one of our full-time research fellows is dedicated solely to clinical research to assist residents in their projects.

Endowed Wald Plastic Surgery Lab

Plastic surgery research

A fully-equipped, 1800 squared feet of bench and laboratory space with two full-time post-doctoral research fellows are dedicated solely to basic science research within our Division of Plastic Surgery. The laboratory equipment includes confocal microscopy and equipment needed for immunohistochemistry, histopathological tissue processing and staining as well as flow cytometry, multi-photon and live-cell extended time-lapse systems. Other accessible capabilities include Third Gen Sequencing, Microarray, Nanostring, as well as DNA, Chromatin and RNA shearing.

Microsurgery Lab

microscopeMultiple microscopes, as well as instrument trays and materials, are available 24/7 for residents to practice microsurgery and animal surgery.

Case Western Reserve University Resources

As an institution with consistently top NIH funding, Case Western Reserve University has countless ongoing research projects. Residents have the opportunity to collaborate with multiple labs to fit their research interests.