College & Transitional Aged Youth Dual Psychiatry Fellowship Curriculum

Comprehensive Curriculum within Dual Psychiatry Fellowship at UH

Fellows at UH/CWRU Psychiatry College & Transitional Aged Youth Dual Fellowship will meet weekly with core fellowship faculty for clinical case review and education. Educational topics include:

  • Cognitive, Social and Emotional Aspects of Adolescent and Youth Adult Development
  • Cultural Aspects of Psychiatry
  • Identification and Management of Psychiatric Disorders in College & Transitional Aged Youth
  • Identity Development
  • Organizational Structure of College and University Systems
  • Public Systems of Care for Children (department of children’s services, foster care and juvenile justice systems)
  • Risk Assessment of College Students
  • Topical Article Review

In addition, fellows will be expected to complete one scholarly project during their fellowship year.

Fellows will also receive education and supervision within the Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship. For more information, please view the Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship curriculum.