Infectious Diseases Fellowship Conferences

Quarterly Conferences

The Division of Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine hosts local and regional programs quarterly, including the Nancy A. Hagen Northeast Ohio Infectious Diseases Roundtable.

The Nancy A. Hagen Northeast Ohio Infectious Diseases Roundtable: The quarterly regional program is designed to stimulate discussion about newly available antibiotics, emerging infectious diseases and clinical guidelines. Regional infectious diseases physicians present topics of interest followed by a roundtable discussion. This program attracts area infectious diseases physicians, fellows, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

National Conference Opportunities

In addition, fellows may attend national conferences such as:

Weekly Divisional Educational Conferences

There is robust faculty participation in the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Divisional Educational Conferences. Occurring weekly, these include:

Fellows’ Core Curriculum Conference: The weekly core curriculum conference offers a series of lectures that rotate every two to three years so that each fellow will be exposed to the critical areas necessary to provide the foundation for expertise in infectious diseases. The chief fellows organize the series of lectures with supervision by the program director. The series of lectures are carefully reviewed every three years so that the topics are updated contemporary and capture emerging topics. A series of essential "survival" or 'boot camp" lectures are given by key faculty at the start of the new academic year and focus on the first-year fellows.

Infectious Diseases Case Conference: The weekly Infectious Diseases Case Conference is held at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (combined with the VA Medical Center) and separately at MetroHealth Medical Center. Fellows prepare cases which are chosen along with the attending faculty member, because of their enormous interest, teaching points or complex management issues. Cases are presented to the body of experts for further advice and input.

Infectious Diseases Journal Club/Journal Watch Sessions

During the course of infectious diseases training, each fellow prepares several journal clubs. These conferences take place three times a month and there is a journal watch that occurs once a month. There is a faculty preceptor for these activities.

Fellows choose an article from the contemporary medical literature and evaluate the study design, statistical methods, strength of the evidence and relevance to contemporary clinical practice. Fellows may invite a faculty member who represents a content expert related to the area of discussion to further enrich the discussion.

In addition to Journal Club, each fellow reviews certain journals and reports on interesting and important studies during the Journal Watch sessions. These sessions allow a broader sampling on the numerous areas that impact on the field of infectious diseases and are also supervised by a faculty preceptor.