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Laith Al Dahabreh, MD

Hometown: Jordan
Professional Focus: Critical care and CRRT

Rehan Ansari, MD

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Residency: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Professional Focus: Transplant Nephrology, CKD

Yasolatha Chalicheemala, MD

Hometown: Chittoor, India
Residency: University of Maryland Prince George's Hospital Center
Professional Focus: CKD, HTN, Renal Transplant

Steven Chou, DO

Hometown: Illinois
Residency: Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center/Largo Medical Center Professional Focus: Kidney Diseases

Mohammad Mofleh, MD

Hometown: Dara'a, Syria
Professional Focus: Kidney Diseases, Research, Teaching

Yousef Sweidan, MD

Hometown: Jordan
Professional Focus: AKI in patients with liver disease

Hafsa Tariq, MD

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
Residency: AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center
Professional Focus: Bone Mineral Disorders

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