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Below please see a list of our graduates' career paths over the past five years.

Name Career Path Location Year
Terry Barrett Chief Resident, future Palliative Care UH Cleveland Medical Center 2018
Christina Guzman Emergency Medicine New York Presbyterian Hospital 2018
Cissy Si Pediatric Pulmonology Stanford University 2018
Courtney Batt Chief Resident, then Adolescent Medicine at Denver Children's UH Cleveland Medical Center 2017
Erika Lundgrin Med-Peds Endocrinology Fellowship UH Cleveland Medical Center 2017
Namrata Patel Primary Care Medicine St. Louis, MO 2017
Chris Peluso Emergency Medicine Residency UH Cleveland Medical Center 2017
Rose Lee Combined Infectious Diseses Fellowship Beth Israel/Boston Children's Hospital 2016
Megan Moini Med-Peds Primary Care Boulder, CO 2016
Paul Shaniuk Chief Med-Peds Resident UH Cleveland Medical Center 2016
Sejal Danawala Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Univeristy of Illinois - Chicago 2016
Nathan Stehouwer Chief Med-Peds Resident UH Cleveland Medical Center 2015
Sohini Ghosh Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship University of North Carolina 2015
Sara Kleinman Allergy/Immunology Fellowship Stanford University 2015
Rebecca Free Medical Officer Center for Diseases Control 2014
Melissa Morello Pediatric Cardiology/Electrophysiology Fellowship Nationwide Children's Hospital/OSU 2014
Seth Rotz Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 2014
Heather Saha Academic Med-Peds Ambulatory Physician Nationwide Children's Hospital/OSU 2014
Abe Abernathy Cardiology Fellowship University of Vermont 2013
Alison Han Infectious Diseases Fellowship NIH 2013
Babak Moini Primary Care Boulder, CO 2013
Navin Vij Clinical Scholar Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2013
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