Meet Med-Peds Chief Resident Keith Torrey, MD

Name: Keith Torrey, MD
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA (originally San Jose, CA)
Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
Professional Interest: Medical Education, Patient/Community Advocacy, High Value Care, Quality Improvement, General Med-Peds, Hospitalist Medicine

Residency Experiences

The most important thing I learned when I was a resident was that we are honored to have a window into the lives of people at vulnerable and difficult times; that every clarifying question we ask is them sharing intimate details of their life; and every time we present their "case", we have a moment to advocate for their human needs as well as own considerations on the differential.

Most impactful physician I have worked with is … This is hard to narrow down. Ana Núñez and Dan Taylor were tremendous mentors in med school and stimulated my love for patient advocacy and teaching-and now I look to Marie Clark at Rainbow. Clinically, I am constantly learning from the Gen Med and Gen Peds faculty at UH, and honestly Nate Stehouwer is inspiring-as a clinician, educator, mentor, and thoughtful person.

I can't live without: being excited and curious about things?

On my bucket list: Traveling broadly across Asia

Hidden talent: I played Ultimate Frisbee for a number of years and got to a few different national championships in a couple different nations

Bad habit: Giving into the pull of curiosity-anything with hyperlinks (UpToDate, maybe, but also Wikipedia and blogs) and I am easily gone for hours. Buying books on Amazon but then not reading all of them?

Guilty pleasure: Browsing Imgur and Reddit

Glad it's ahead of me: Having even more time dedicated to teaching and working with learners of varying levels

Glad it's behind me: Holding a full bandolier of pagers

Best advice you’ve been given: “Be the person you needed when you were younger.”

Would pay good money for: Time running on a beach. Or driving any McLaren.

Wouldn't take even if free: Wait, is there free food? Where? This is great! What was the question?

When I'm not on call, you can find me: Probably running some trails while grinning because I'm outside, or cooking with a podcast on.

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