Teaching & Mentoring

GME has many resources for faculty development on the GME intranet site on the UH Digital Workplace.

Resources for Teaching

  • UH Faculty Development Tool Kit includes 10 sessions useful for new faculty.
  • UH Faculty Development Snippets are short modules (15-20 minute) with interactive activities. The snippets can be used for group faculty development at a division or department meeting or to plan a program-wide QI project.
  • Archives of UH GME Retreats

Skill Development for Role Modeling & Mentoring

  • The GME QI provides more information on mentoring QI and patient safety.
  • The GME Wellness site provides resources for role modeling attention to well-being and includes a link to the CWRU site with the ACGME self-assessment mandated for trainees. There are also many resources for faculty to role model well-being, including Three Good Things.
  • The GME Health Science Curriculum is a resource for experiential learning for faculty and residents to gain competencies in leadership, stewardship and population health.