Akshay Chaku, MD

Akshay Chaku, MD

Hometown: Troy, MI

Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan

Medical School: University of Virginia

Career Interests: Education/teaching. Critical care medicine. Cardiac mechanical circulatory support. Anesthetics that require large bore access.

Real Interests: Travelling. Netflix. Hanging out with my friends (most of which are my colleagues). Trying new restaurants and breweries.

Why did you choose UH? Primarily the people - I really liked the residents and faculty I met. You see a variety of interesting pathology and get a diverse array of experiences. Additionally, this is a "resident run" hospital - that means the residents are in the meat of each case, getting the valuable hands on experiences that make you a great anesthesiologist. It helps that my colleagues both in and out of the Department of Anesthesiology are really great - makes doing both elective and emergent cases a more educational and collegial experience.