Medical Staff at UH St. John Medical Center

Medical Staff Officers (1/1/2017-12/31/2018)
Title Name Phone Number
President Robert Stern, MD 440-835-6255
Vice-President Gregory Bloxdorf, DO 440-827-5574
Immediate Past President Amelia Llerena, MD Contact MedStaff Services
Secretary/Treasurer Jeffrey Roberts, MD 440-892-1440
Member at Large Naim Farhat, MD 440-414-9100
Member at Large Andrew Filiatraut, DO 440-934-8810
Department Chairs & Division Chiefs (1/1/2018-12/31/2019)
Title Name Phone Number
Anesthesiology Jeremy Hoban, MD 440-827-5507
Critical Care Jeremy Hoban, MD 440-827-5507
General Anesthesia Jeremy Hoban, MD 440-827-5507
Pain Management Abdallah Kabbara, MD 440-827-5058
Cardiology John Coletta, MD 440-899-2423
General Cardiology John Coletta, MD 440-899-2423
Interventional Cardiology Naim Farhat, MD 440-414-9100
Emergency Medicine John Parente, DO 440-827-2574
Family Medicine Richard Below, DO 440-808-8620
Medicine Aparna Reddy, MD 330-606-6182
Allergy/Immunology Nancy Wasserbauer, DO 440-333-1107
Dermatology Cynthia Henry, DO 440-934-8858
Endocrinology James Myers, MD 440-250-8660
Gastroenterology Sapna Thomas, MD 440-827-5296
Hematology/Oncology Richard Chang, MD 440-617-4700
Infectious Disease Roberta Persaud, MD 440-835-6169
Internal Medicine Katherine Eilenfeld, DO 440-835-6142
Nephrology Marc McKinley, DO 216-228-5500
Neurology Tanvir Syed, MD 440-827-5061
Psychiatry Samir Alamir, MD 440-250-2130
Pulmonary Medicine Timothy Taylor, DO 440-835-2700
Obstetrics/Gynecology Michelle Belardo, MD 440-835-6996
Orthopedic Surgery Irwin Mandel, MD 440-892-1440
Pathology Shalini Mohindra, MD 440-827-5112
Pediatrics Melanie Stempowski, MD 440-617-4720
Radiology Anupinder Hazra, MD 440-827-5096
Surgery Stephen Evans, MD 440-871-6560
Cardiothoracic Surgery Salil Deo, MD 216-844-4004
Dentistry/Oral Surgery John Blakemore, DDS 440-734-3131
General/Vascular Surgery Curtis Lockhart, MD 440-892-5794
Neurosurgery Rishi Goel, MD 440-250-9133
Opthalmology Robert Stern, MD 440-835-6255
Otolaryngology (ENT) Marc Guay, MD 440-328-3444
Plastic Surgery Vasu Pandrangi, MD 440-835-6196
Podiatry Robert Testa, DPM 440-835-1999
Urology Reid Morse, MD 440-892-6600

To contact the Medical Staff Office, please call 440-827-5251.

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