Guide to Our Services

At University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, we offer many ways to help patients during their cancer journey. Patients should speak with their doctor or nurse if they would like to use any of these services. They may also call any number listed with a service.

Most services are free and some may be covered by insurance.

Those with a cost or a possible co-pay are marked with a $.

Answers to Billing Questions

Our financial counselors can answer billing questions and possible details about our financial aid programs. For help, call:

Art Therapy

Art therapy provides creative ways to reduce pain and stress, express thoughts and feelings and help patients cope. Sessions can include painting, drawing and working with photos. This service can be used by patients or their loved ones.
For more information about our art therapy program, please call 216-844-1211.

Cancer Information

We offer books, pamphlets and handouts on cancer and its treatment. Visit the librarian in the Puck Learning Resource Center or call the nurses who staff our Cancer Information Service Line. They can answer cancer questions and refer patients to resources.

  • Cancer information service line: 800-641-2422 – Cancer Information Service Line
  • Puck Learning Resource Center (lobby level, UH Seidman Cancer Center); 216-286-4636

Cancer Rehab ($)

Trained therapists and rehab doctors use exercise and activity to help cancer patients regain their strength and movement. They can work with patients in their homes, at outpatient clinics and in the hospital. A doctor’s referral is required for these services.

Coping and Emotional Support

Many of our team members are here to provide emotional support and help patients cope. They can talk with patients and their loved ones about worries or upset feelings, changes in family roles, and self-image and sexuality concerns. Learn more about support and counseling services.

Diet and Nutrition Concerns

Patients should ask to speak with a dietitian if they have diet or nutrition concerns. Our staff can answer questions and help patients choose the best food and drinks during and after treatment. Learn more about Nutrition Services.

Discharge Planning

If a patient has to stay in the hospital (be admitted), he or she may meet with staff members about discharge needs. Their job is to help make plans for any extra care and items the patient will need after discharge. If needed, they will also work with insurance companies to answer their questions and keep them informed of the patient’s progress.

Healing Garden

The Schneider Healing Garden is a pleasant space just a few steps from the entrance to UH Seidman Cancer Center. Patients can use the garden to spend time away from the hospital rooms and treatment areas, in a calm setting that invites them to relax.

Music Therapy

Music therapy can help with pain management and coping. It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and increase hope. Patients can choose to make music, write or record a song, sing, learn how to use music to relax, or simply listen to the music the therapist creates.
For more information on music therapy services at UH Seidman Cancer Center, call 216-844-5298.

Pet Therapy

Our Pet Pals program offers short visits to patients from trained therapy dogs and their owners. Pet Pals have gone through careful screening and work with our volunteer office. Pet therapy can help with coping, pain and self-expression.
For more information, call 216-844-1504.

Social Work Services

Our social workers can help patients deal with the daily challenges of cancer. Learn more on the many ways they can assist patients and their loved ones by visiting our Social Work Services section. You may also ask a doctor or a nurse if you want to speak to a social worker.

Spiritual Care

There may be times when patients would like to talk with someone about their faith or spirituality. Our Spiritual Care staff is here to help. They can listen, offer prayer or just sit and be present in the moment. The goal of our spiritual care team is to help patients connect to their source of strength, purpose, meaning and hope.

Call 216-286-3871.

Symptom Management and Supportive Care ($)

For symptoms that are hard to manage or control, patients may be seen in our Symptom Management and Supportive Care Clinic. Patients will need a referral from their cancer doctor to the clinic.

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