Welcome to the Department of Medical Education at UH Bedford and Richmond Medical Centers

At University Hospitals Bedford and Richmond medical centers, campuses of UH Regional Hospitals Department of Medical Education, our acclaimed internship, residency and fellowship programs empower you to become the doctor you want to be. Our team is committed to top-tier education, advanced scholarly projects and innovative curricular models not typically found at community-based training sites.

With all of our osteopathic and podiatric programs, learners discover that we are equally strong academically, didactically and practically with an emphasis on grand rounds and research. Our interns, residents and fellows gain experience at multiple sites, and with the widest array of resources. Our attendings focus on the compassionate, patient-centered component of care as well as the clinical component. Our approach includes assigning residents to an existing practice for total immersion in a real-world, real-time care environment.

Most importantly, you will discover that your program’s curriculum is designed for you and your goals, with your input. We are not “cookie cutter.” After all, your DO or DPM career is ultimately yours. We believe that your training program should be tailored to your special medical interests and career aspirations.

Finally, our learners work, train and educate as a community. We are engaged because you are engaged, and vice versa. Your learning is constant, and so is ours. This mutual dynamic ensures a high level of discovery and personal investment in the program. In this way, you can become the doctor you want to be.

UH Richmond administrative director podiatric medical education - william-saarWilliam J. Saar, DPM
Administrative Director
Podiatric Medical Education
Podiatric Medicine Residency Director
University Hospitals Health System

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