Recognizing Employees’ Outstanding Contributions in Support of UH Portage Medical Center

The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to an employee who gives of his or her time, talent or treasure in support of Portage Medical Center Foundation. The contribution must be extraordinary in nature and service to the Foundation.

The award is not restricted or judged solely by activities performed during the prior or current year. The following criteria weigh heavily in a nominee’s favor:

  • Supports the goals of Portage Medical Center Foundation
  • Enhances the image of Portage Medical Center Foundation
  • Performs noteworthy activities on behalf of Portage Medical Center Foundation
  • Displays exceptional character on behalf of Portage Medical Center Foundation
  • Enhances the image and assets of Portage Medical Center Foundation through volunteerism/fundraising

Recent Winners of the Employee Distinguished Service Award

Jennifer Hahn, Senior Financial Analyst

“For over 10 years, Jen Hahn has assisted the Foundation with the annual Golf Outing Fundraiser, the main special event that directly impacts the Foundation's unrestricted fund. Jen volunteers her keen analytical and numerical skills to score the tournament's team results, adding a service that helps the event run smoothly. She has organized it in such a way that it is accomplished in a timely and always accurate fashion.”

- Nominated by Sandy Haskell, Volunteer Services

Edward Elias, Portage Police Department, UH Portage Medical Center

“Ptl. Edward Elias is truly an asset to Portage Medical Center. Edward always puts the hospital first in the performance of his duties; he's always willing to cover a shift when the department is short on manpower and always willing to step in when he sees someone in need of help. Whether it is a patient, a visitor or an employee, Edward never passes on an opportunity to give 100% of his time and experience to make certain that whatever the need is, it is met in a timely and efficient manner. Edward routinely reminds his fellow officers of the policies here at the hospital, coaching those who need to enhance the performance of their responsibilities as police officers working in our hospital environment. Whenever Edward is working, he can easily be found patrolling the hallways or the parking lots of the ER, diligently looking to protect and serve those around him.”

- Nominated by Jeff Blubaugh, Police Department