Patient Services at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center

The staff of UH Parma Medical Center is dedicated to making your hospital stay as comfortable as possible. General resources that will help patients and families during their stay include information on:

Patient Information

Spiritual Care at UH Parma Medical Center

When patients and visitors need emotional support, someone to listen without judgment, or need help to pray, chaplains and spiritual care aides provide spiritual support by:

  • Handling the special needs of the elderly, the depressed, the lonely, and the terminally ill
  • Listening actively and understanding the stress of hospitalization
  • Praying upon request and offering comfort and care
  • Visiting patients and their families during hospital stays

About Our Chaplains and Spiritual Care Aides

Chaplains are specially trained clergy who care for patients and their families during times of illness and hospitalization. They offer non-judgmental spiritual care to people of all faiths. The chaplains at UH Parma Medical Center are available for administration of sacraments, prayers and other spiritual and emotional support. On request, they can also consult in patient care conferences and assist in ethical decision-making.

Spiritual care aides are carefully screened and trained volunteers who serve as spiritual friends to patients and their families. They are available at most times.

The Chapel at UH Parma Medical Center

An interfaith chapel is located in the hospital’s main lobby behind the Information Desk and is always open for prayer and meditation.

Prayer Requests and Meditation

Every day, spiritual care aides honor prayer requests from patients and families in the hospital chapel. Forms are available in the waiting areas on each floor to make written prayer requests.

Additionally, a special television station designed for meditation is available in patient rooms' that displays restful images accompanied by contemplative music.

Church Notification

Upon admission, patients can request that their faith community be notified of their admission to UH Parma Medical Center.

More Information about Spiritual Services

Hospital staff can page the chaplains and spiritual care aides. For more information about the services chaplains and spiritual care aides can provide patients and their families, contact the following spiritual care leaders:

Chaplain: Rev. Wayne Decker, 440-743-4295 or

Additional Resources for Patients at UH Parma Medical Center