Patient Information for Your Stay at UH Bedford Medical Center

The staff of University Hospitals Bedford Medical Center is dedicated to making your hospital stay as comfortable as possible. General resources that will help patients and families during their stay include information on:

Responsive Patient Advocacy Program

The patient advocate is an additional point of contact to assist you and your family with concerns, expedite services and provide emotional support. They can help with various issues, including communication, policies and procedures, quality of care, safety, lost items, and even general information about the hospital and our communities. If you encounter a problem, we encourage you to talk directly with your care provider first. If you are still not satisfied, or if you prefer to discuss your concern with a third party, please contact the patient advocate.

Patient Advocate: 735-3578, or 440-735-3578 from outside the hospital.

What Your Day Will Be Like

From the time a patient is admitted until he or she is discharged, the daily routine varies depending on what brings him or her to UH Bedford Medical Center.

Medical Rounds

Once each day, your doctor will meet with you to assess your health, report information, make plans and answer your questions.

RN Coordinator Visits

Once each weekday, your RN coordinator will stop by to discuss your progress and answer questions. Family members are encouraged to participate in these discussions as partners in care.

Patient Care Rounds

Usually once each hour, a nurse or assistant will come into your room to check on you, take vital signs, inquire about your pain, offer assistance, etc.

Promoting a Quiet, Restful Environment

At UH Bedford Medical Center, we are focused on promoting a quiet, restful sleep environment throughout the night. Each evening, “quiet time” will begin at 10 p.m. Lights in the corridors will be dimmed, and your door may be closed at your request. Ear plugs are available from your nurse. Some noises—such as cardiac monitors, IV pumps, call lights and other equipment—are unavoidable in a hospital, but our nurses will make every effort to keep such noises to a minimum. If you are disturbed, please let your nurse know so the situation can be addressed.

If you are in a double room, we ask that you be considerate of the needs for rest, quiet and privacy of your roommate.

Additional Resources for Patients at UH Bedford Medical Center

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