Kids Club Guidelines

In an effort to keep this an enjoyable area, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Kids Club is for the use of our Members children between the ages of 6 weeks and 10 years.
  2. Guests of the Fitness Center and patients of UH Avon Health Center may utilize Kids Club services; please call for information.
  3. Reservation Policy:
    1. Reservations are required. You may call Kids Club directly at 440-988-6817 or make reservations in person at Kids Club up one week in advance.
    2. Please provide 1) Your last name 2) Names of children attending 3) Date, arrival time, and length of time for the visit.
    3. There is a 2-hour maximum stay per visit. Parents must remain on the premises.
    4. Your reservation will be held for 15 minutes past scheduled arrival. If we have not received notice of late arrival, your reservation will be canceled and opened for another parent to use.
  4. Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to make your reservation, please be courteous to other parents and cancel your reservation as soon as possible – or 2 hours in advance when possible.
  5. Payment Information:
    1. Member cost is $2.00/hour, per child, for the first 2 children. There is no charge for additional children residing in the parent's home.
    2. Payment is made upon pick up by:
      • Using a pre-purchased “Series Sale” in the amount of $20 (10 hours) or $60 (30 hours)
      • Charging to members' account or credit card on file
      • Paying at the front desk with cash or credit card
  6. New Members:
    1. Registration paperwork must be completed before children are permitted to stay in the Kids Club.
    2. Introduce yourself and child to the caregivers on duty.
    3. Please make us aware of any special conditions (medical, allergies, separation concerns, etc.) concerning your child.
    4. If we are not permitted to change your child's diaper or help with toileting, please notify the staff on duty.
  7. Feeding:
    1. Snacks from home are not permitted.
    2. Parents may bring in a bottle to be given to an infant or a cup for an older child. Please label bottles and cups with your child’s name.
  8. Illness Policy: We greatly appreciate your cooperation with the following:
    1. Ill children are not permitted to attend Kids Club.
    2. Symptoms requiring exclusion:
      • Flu-like symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever)
      • Red or sore throat
      • Facial or body rashes
      • Severe nasal discharge / cough
      • Cold sores, eye discharge/ redness
    3. If a child does not attend school due to suspected illness, or otherwise home per the school's illness exclusion policy, they will not be admitted into Kids Club.
    4. If a child becomes ill during a visit, parents will be asked to remove the child. They will not be permitted back into the Kids Club until the child has been symptom free for 24 hours.
    5. If your child recently attended Kids Club and is diagnosed with a contagious disease/ illness, please notify the Kids Club Staff so we can post an appropriate notice to parents.
  9. Behavior Expectations:
    1. After several attempts to calm a child, staff may ask that a parent remove a child who cries and screams excessively. Another attempt can be made the following day. Distraught children often adjust after a few visits.
    2. Children determined to be disruptive to other children (biting, fighting, etc.) will not be permitted to attend. If this happens during a visit, the parent will be required to immediately remove the child from the Kids Club.
  10. Parents should label all belongings. We do not recommend bringing toys from home into Kids Club as they can easily be left behind or lost. Kid's Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  11. If a child comes to Kids Club with unusual marks, bruises, etc. on their body, the staff may question the parents and Children's Services may be notified.
  12. Please be advised that in the case of an emergency code (i.e. fire, tornado) parents or caregivers will not be allowed to leave the property until after the situation is cleared. However, you may come to Kids Club and help with the evacuation of your child and remain in our designated area. This maintains proper safety and security of all children in our care.