Room Amenities at UH Ahuja in Beachwood, OH

UH Ahuja Medical Center staff is dedicated to ensuring a patient’s stay at our hospital is as comfortable as possible. Individuals have access to a number of services from the convenience of their private room.

Skylight TV Service

Our free Skylight Access Interactive Television System service enables a patient to watch cable television and movies on demand, play games and access the Internet, all on the television in his or her room.

The system also provides important patient health education and information about the hospital. Patients can use the Skylight remote control attached to the bed to navigate the system. To access the Internet, individuals need only ask their nurses for a wireless keyboard. For instructions and a channel directory, a patient should refer to the guide on his or her nightstand.

Free Wireless High Speed Internet Access

To connect, please follow these steps:

  • Turn on the laptop or other Wi-Fi device with wireless enabled
  • Connect to the wireless network “UH_Guest”
  • Launch the Web browser and go to the website

Some users may need to configure the SSID or network name to “UH_Guest.”
For technical support, please call 888-304-9131. (Dial “0” and the operator will help.)

Telephone Service

Patients have complimentary in-room telephone service with unlimited local calls in their rooms.

Phone instructions for the hospital room phone:

To call outside the hospital:

  • Local calls: Dial 9, then the number
  • Long-distance calls: Dial ‘0’ and the operator will help. Patients and guests should contact their nurse if they have any more questions. (Long-distance calls are an additional cost.)
  • To call within the hospital: Dial the last five-digits of the phone number (for example, ext. X-XXXX)

Unlimited Cell Phone Use

Cell phones may be used throughout the hospital. Please respect the privacy and dignity of others.