Going Home - Leaving UH Ahuja

We know the transition from hospital to home can be stressful for patients and families. Our goal is to make that move as smooth and safe as possible.

Our medical team will discuss a patient’s discharge plan with him or her and his or her family in advance to ensure a smooth transition. Patients are encouraged to raise any concerns they have about going home early in the process. Individuals should contact their nurse if they have special concerns related to the day of discharge. Most patients can anticipate an 11 a.m. discharge time. A staff member will escort the individual to the main entrance door at his or her discharge time as appropriate.

Arranging Transportation

Patients who need transportation should let UH Ahuja Medical Center staff know as soon as possible. The Case Management department will be happy to assist individuals with transportation arrangements at their time of discharge. Please note that there may be a cost involved if patients use an ambulance service as transportation home. This may not be a covered service by some insurance providers.

Discharge Medications

Home-going prescriptions should be taken to a drugstore or pharmacy near a patient’s home to be filled. We recommend that individuals always carry a list of the medications they are taking and their doses.

Case Management

Patients can expect a visit from a case manager or social worker within 24 hours of admission. They will assist an individual with a variety of services including home health care, durable medical equipment, transfer to other levels of care and any other discharge needs.

Satisfaction Surveys

Patients may receive a survey after returning home from the hospital. We ask that individuals please take a few minutes to complete any post discharge survey they receive. At UH Ahuja Medical Center, we strive for ratings of 5. If at any time during a patient’s hospital stay he or she does not feel we are meeting his or her expectations, we strongly encourage the individual to speak up so we can resolve the issue immediately.

Patient and Family Education

Patient and family education is a shared responsibility between patients, families and caregivers. UH Ahuja Medical Center is committed to helping patients and families with their health care goals. Educational programs are available to help you understand disease processes and treatment options. Information is also available to help you adjust to lifestyle changes. Nurses can help answer your questions about healthy lifestyles, activities of daily living and preventive self-care. Please talk with your nurse about any disease management education or discharge planning assistance.

To contact, please call Case Management at 3-5561, or 216-593-5561 from outside the hospital.

University Hospitals Home Care

University Hospitals Home Care offers a comprehensive array of services, including skilled nursing, home IV therapy and specialty injections, rehabilitation services, pediatric care, women’s health and nonmedical assistance for patients when they are home. UH Home Care staff provides the same high quality, compassionate care you are accustomed to receiving from UH hospitals, outpatient centers and physicians.

Contact UH Home Care by calling 216-844-4663 or 800-552-8442.