Patient Services at UH Ahuja in Beachwood, OH

The goal of UH Ahuja Medical Center, in Beachwood, Ohio, is to make a patient’s stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.

One way we work to ensure a positive hospital experience is through our dynamic and responsive patient advocacy program. Experts in patient advocacy are on call to help patients and families. They answer questions, address concerns, expedite hospital services and provide emotional support.

A patient relations coordinator will visit each new patient within 24 hours of admission. In addition, patient care advocates are available to help patients resolve any issues that come up during hospitalization. For example, they can:

  • Help patients communicate with doctors and other caregivers
  • Explain policies and procedures
  • Advocate for patient safety
  • Process lost items
  • Provide general information about the hospital and the local community

We encourage patients to first communicate directly with their nurse, doctor or other care provider. However, when a patient or family member prefers to discuss concerns with a third party the patient care advocates are on-call.

A Patient’s Hospital Stay

From the time a patient is admitted until he or she is discharged, the daily routine varies depending on what brings him or her to UH Ahuja Medical Center. General resources that will help patients and families during their stay include information on:

Room amenities
Patient meals
Going home

Electronic Medical Record

The electronic medical record (EMR) is a computerized, real time, medical chart that enhances patient care and safety by providing one central source of accurate health information accessible by all of the physicians, nurses and other health professionals caring for a patient.

Patient Privacy

At UH Ahuja Medical Center all patient information is confidential. We carefully follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires hospitals to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all electronic protected health information.

Additional Resources for Patients at UH Ahuja Medical Center