The Big Fiber Quiz

How much fiber should you get each day? Is there more than 1 kind of fiber? What foods contain fiber? See how much you know about fiber by taking this quiz.

1. Experts say that fiber can be good for your health if you get how many grams a day?
2. Fiber is found in naturally stringy vegetables and meats such as flank or skirt steak.
3. Which of the 2 types of fiber is more important to eat?
4. Which of the following foods has the least amount of fiber?
5. It’s easy to switch from a low-fiber to a high-fiber diet. You can make the change in just a few days.
6. A typical American younger than age 50 should eat how many grams of fiber each day?
7. A high-fiber diet can lower your:
8. Which is the champion of fiber content among these veggies?