Take the Aspirin Quiz

Each year, more than a million Americans die from heart attacks and other forms of heart disease. Taking low doses of aspirin is one way to help people who are at high risk of or have already had a heart attack or stroke. The most important ways to prevent heart and blood vessel disease is to live a heart-healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular exercise, and not smoking. Learn more about how aspirin can help by taking this quiz.

1. One way that aspirin helps people who have been diagnosed with heart disease is by preventing blood platelets from forming clots.
2. If you think you're at risk for heart disease, you should take aspirin regardless of whether you've talked with your healthcare provider about it.
3. As long as you're not allergic to aspirin, aspirin will help protect you against another heart attack.
4. If you take a type of blood pressure medication called an ACE inhibitor, you shouldn't take aspirin.
5. If you have bypass surgery, your healthcare provider may start you on aspirin right away.
6. Aspirin may help protect blood vessels against inflammation.
7. Aspirin is given to all stroke patients right after arriving at the hospital.