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Therapeutics Development Team

The Therapeutics Development Team, an integral part of the nonprofit Harrington Discovery Institute, provides powerful drug development resources to Harrington Discovery Institute scholars to efficiently advance projects toward the clinic or a commercial exit.

Video Learn about the Harrington Discovery Institute Therapeutics Development Team’s unique philanthropic model and commitment to advancing and discovering therapeutics.

The Therapeutics Development Team works closely with Harrington Scholars and helps to create an environment that

  • Enhances potential for commercial success
  • Maintains momentum for projects that meet critical milestones
  • Accelerates development of clinically useful drugs and biologics

The Therapeutics Development Team is also dedicated to helping Harrington Scholars’ institutional technology transfer and business development offices to optimize IP protection, and will work collaboratively with university colleagues to evaluate potential for new venture creation and assist in its implementation.

The Therapeutics Development Team’s activities include:

  • Advising Harrington Scholars on crucial elements of development, assessing commercial potential, and connecting scholars with a network of industry experts;
  • Managing projects across participating laboratories, institutions and commercial partners;
  • Providing access to institution-based and other technology resources;
  • Identifying and securing funding to bridge projects across the critical translational threshold from laboratories to commercialization vehicles; and
  • Identifying the most efficient vehicles to advance projects beyond academia, including company creation, sponsored research agreements and IP augmentation.

The Therapeutics Development Team engages with all potential project stakeholders including:

  • Harrington Scholars
  • Institutional technology transfer offices
  • Institution-based technical support centers
  • Commercial contract research organizations
  • Expert consultants - drug development, IP, regulatory, and other
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs

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