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Harrington Prize Trophy

The Harrington Prize Honors Contributions to Advancing Medicine

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Harrington Prize Trophy

Jenner. Lister. Salk. The names of physician-scientists who have left their mark on medical history are as familiar to today’s physicians as the Hippocratic Oath. Physician-scientists have always ranked among the most honored and most honorable of medical professionals, responsible for numerous breakthrough discoveries that have helped eradicate disease and alleviate human suffering.

The Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine honors a physician-scientist who has moved science forward with achievements notable for innovation, creativity and potential for clinical application. The Harrington Prize is the result of collaboration between The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) and the Harrington Discovery Institute. Both organizations understand the hurdles in the way of significant advancement of discovery to improve health and treat disease, and they are eager to highlight those who have navigated the path successfully.

About the Artist

Irina Koukhanova

Irina Koukhanova

Russian born Irina Koukhanova was educated at the Moscow Institute of Art and Industrial Design (Stroganovskoe), the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, MA and the University of Notre Dame, IN. In her work she combines sculpture, printmaking and painting to achieve an integration of two-and three-dimensional space. Her sculptural palette spans the history of sculptural media: from bronze casting, to metal and wood fabrication to the most recent fiberglass and 3D printing.

In the past ten years, Koukhanova has participated in numerous exhibitions both national and international. She had solo exhibitions at DKO Galerie in Zurich, Switzerland, Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA and Link Gallery, Warren, OH.

Her work has been shown via Boxheart Gallery at Aqua Art Miami Fair, Miami, FL at Superfine Fair, NYC, and at Los Angeles. She exhibited nationally at the Snite Museum of Art, the Sound Bend Museum of Art, Boston Sculptors Gallery, MA, Owensboro Museum of Art, KY, Marlboro Gallery, MD, Indianapolis Art Center, IN among others. Koukhanova’s public art commissions could be found in Michigan and Ohio. Koukhanova has received full fellowship residencies at Sculpture Space, Utica, NY, Santa Fe Art Institute, NM (both sponsored by Joan Mitchell Foundation Grants), and Vermont Studio Center.

Irina Koukhanova is a Cuyahoga Creative Workforce Fellow 2016. She is a Professor of Art and the head of Department of Art and Design at Cleveland State University.

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