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February 11, 2020, “Novel drug therapy shows promise for quality, quantity of kidneys available for transplant”

February 23, 2019, “Bacteria In Our Guts May Be Communicating With Our DNA, Study Shows”

February 22, 2019, “How gut bacteria controls gene expression through “interspecies communication””

February 21, 2019, “New 'interspecies communication' strategy between gut bacteria and mammalian hosts uncovered”

November 29, 2018, 《Nature》补肾?如何重编程身体能量之路? 凯瑟西储大学医学院和克利夫兰大学医院医学中心的Jonathan Stamler领导的研究小组发现了一条增强肾脏自我修复能力的途径。也许这是一条 ...

November 28, 2018, "Re-programming the body's energy pathway boosts kidney self-repair"

November 28, 2018, "Re-programming the body's energy pathway boosts kidney self-repair"

May 14, 2018, "Heart disease severity may depend on nitric oxide levels"

May 2, 2018, "Heart disease symptoms improved by blocking immune cell migration"

January 19, 2018, "New Nitric Oxide-Converting Enzymes Discovered"

January 18, 2018, "Researchers discover new enzymes central to cell function"

January 18, 2018, "New enzymes central to cell function"

February 6, 2016, "Nitric oxide role in respiratory cycle prevents heart disease and blood disorders"

August 24, 2015, "Exploradio: The power of NO [podcast]"

April 13, 2015, "Study shows blood cells need nitric oxide to deliver oxygen"

April 10, 2015, "Molecular and functional basis established for nitric oxide joining oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiratory cycle"

January 14, 2015, "Coenzyme A plays leading role in nitric oxide function so essential to cell metabolism"

July 1, 2013, "Safer blood transfusions could result from Case Western Reserve University research on nitric oxide"

August 22, 2011, "Natural defense against C. diff uncovered by CWRU researcher and colleagues"

August 21, 2011, "New way to treat common hospital-acquired infection: Novel approach may offer treatment for other bacterial diseases"

August 5, 2010, "Darpa's Inhaled Drugs to Boost Troops at Extreme Altitudes"

January 5, 2008, "Blood Transfusions May Be Harmful To Some Patients"

October 8, 2007, "Why Banked Blood Goes Bad",8599,1669438,00.html

October 3, 2005, "Lack of oxygen in body tissues creates a defect of red blood cells that further exacerbates the condition by constricting blood vessels in the lung"

August 16, 2005, "Chronic use of nitroglycerin for chest pain could lead to mitochondrial damage"

October 5, 1999, "Thanks to a 'Horrible Worm,' New Ideas on Hemoglobin"

July 22, 1997, "What Controls Blood Flow? Blood"

January 1, 1997, "The NO & SNO Cycle"

April 23, 1996, "Findings Intrigue Sickle Cell Experts"

March 21, 1996, "Surprise Discovery in Blood: Hemoglobin Has Bigger Role"

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