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Scholar-Innovator Program

Due to COVID-19, we are extending the deadline for the 2021 Harrington Scholar-Innovator call for letters of intent (LOI) to Friday, April 10. If you would like to apply and it is difficult for you to get into our grant management system, please email Rebecca.Haag@HarringtonDiscovery.org, and she will send the LOI questions in a Word document.

Advancing Medicine through Harrington Scholar-Innovator Grants

The Harrington Scholar-Innovator Award recognizes physician-scientist innovators throughout the US and Canada, whose research has the potential to change standard of care. The Scholar-Innovator Award provides research and drug development support to help bridge the gap between basic discovery and the clinical realm.

Up to twelve Harrington Scholar-Innovator awards are made each year through a competitive selection process.

Video 2015 Harrington Scholar-Innovator Nicole Calakos, MD, PhD and adviser George Trainor, PhD discuss the Harrington Discovery Institute’s unique commitment to supporting physician-scientists.

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