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About Our Partnership

Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, part of The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development, supports the efforts of innovative scientists to advance discoveries that will improve lives of patients. In a similar mission, Takeda is focused on the development of therapeutics to combat rare diseases and benefit patients.

In April 2017, Harrington Discovery Institute and Takeda formed a collaboration, building on the Harrington Discovery Institute’s established operating model to create a new program specifically for the advancement of medicines for rare diseases. This collaboration leverages the two organizations’ combined strengths, expertise and resources to advance highly promising drug discovery and early stage development of rare disease programs through the Harrington Rare Disease Scholar Program sponsored by Takeda.

It is intended that this collaboration will remove barriers between the academic community and pharmaceutical industry and deliver innovative healthcare solutions for patients.

In addition to grant funding, Harrington Rare Disease Scholars receive hands-on drug development capability and project management from experts in the pharmaceutical industry through Harrington Discovery Institute’s Innovation Support Center, in order to chart a path from the bench to the clinic. Harrington Rare Disease Scholars also have access to Takeda’s research and development experts and resources.

For more information about the Rare Disease Program, please visit the Takeda web page.

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