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Award Program Details

Program Description

Up to 3 Oxford-Harrington Scholars are chosen each year. The award includes:

  • Funding up to £60k over two years
    • To match this support in-kind, the PI must be able to demonstrate that he/she has at least £60k of existing external grant income of departmental funds available to take forward the aims of the project included for consideration in this application.
    • Oxford-Harrington Scholars may also be candidates for additional funding, based on stage and commercial potential.
  • Drug development expertise and project management support through the Harrington Discovery Institute Innovation Support Center
  • Consulting services from highly experienced drug development personnel
  • Business and commercialization advice
  • Clinical development advice
  • Regulatory assistance
  • IP review and advice
  • Assistance identifying and securing additional financial support based on project needs

The Harrington Discovery Institute and its Innovation Support Center team will work closely with the awardee and their affiliated institution to maximize the clinical and commercial potential of the selected project.

What We Fund

The Oxford-Harrington Award selection committee seeks breakthrough discovery defined by innovation, creativity and potential clinical impact including:

  • Working on novel drug discovery research problems that have demonstrable potential to become new therapies
  • The project cannot be far enough along the drug development path to attract committed financial investors

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the award, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • An employee of the University of Oxford
  • A clinical academic researcher OR a team comprised of a clinician and a researcher, who work closely on the project
  • A Principal Investigator, and/or an independent researcher
  • Must be eligible to apply for external grants in their own name
  • Encouraged to attend the Harrington Discovery Institute Scientific Symposium in Cleveland, Ohio

Late submissions will not be accepted for any reason, other than issues with the Harrington Discovery Institute's submission system. Proposals received by HDI after the deadline will not be reviewed.


Any questions should be directed to

The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development

Breakthrough Medicine