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Award Program Details

The Oxford-Harrington Scholarship Programme will provide support to researchers working on novel drug discovery research problems that have demonstrable potential to become new therapies, but may not be far enough along the drug development path to attract committed financial investors. Oxford-Harrington Scholars will have access to the Harrington Discovery Institute’s Innovation Support Center (ISC) and its industry-seasoned drug development experts. A dedicated ISC team will be charged with advising on and materially helping the translational and drug development efforts of Oxford-Harrington Scholars.

In addition, Scholars may be introduced to BioMotiv LLC as a potential investor. BioMotiv is a for-profit commercialisation company, aligned with the non-profit Harrington Discovery Institute in its mission to advance drug discoveries by clinical researchers. BioMotiv will work in collaboration with Oxford University Innovations, the University’s own technology transfer company.

Support for researchers by the Harrington Discovery Institute’s Innovation Support Center includes:

  • Paid consulting services from highly experienced drug development personnel
  • Business and commercialization advice
  • Clinical development advice
  • Regulatory assistance
  • IP review and advice
  • Assistance identifying and securing additional financial support based on the needs of the project
  • Networking with the cohort of Harrington Scholars in the U.S. through attendance of the annual Harrington Discovery Institute Scientific Symposium in Cleveland, OH

For each new Oxford-Harrington Scholar, in kind support and commercial advice (worth up to £60k, over two years) will be provided by the Harrington Discovery Institute. To match this support in kind, the PI must be able to demonstrate that they have at least £60k of existing external grant income or departmental funds available to take forward the aims of the project included for consideration in this application. Projects will be supported by the Harrington Discovery Institute for two years. Oxford-Harrington Scholars may also be candidates for additional funding based on stage and commercial potential.

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