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How to Apply

Submission Requires the Following

  1. Download eligibility and applications questions
  2. Three-page maximum of a project description that includes the initial hypothesis, background science and rationale, work completed to date and current stage, project goals and objectives, eventual clinical use, as well as an explanation of how discovery and fundamental science will be translated (12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font, margins of at least 0.5” on all sides, single-spaced).
    • List of project aims and anticipated dates of completion
    • Description of development plan, including technical methods, experimental design, estimated timeline and expenses
    • Description of facilities and equipment
  3. One-page of key data that supports your proposal. You are encouraged to show data that supports your choice of target and validates your intervention strategy.
  4. One-page of references in support of the project description.
  5. Biographical sketch in the NIH format (OMB No. 0925-0001/0002 Rev. 10/15) for the Principal Investigator. If any collaborators are involved with the project, upload a biographical sketch.

Applicants must combine eligibility and application questions, project description, key data, references and biographical sketch into a single PDF document. Email the final document to with the subject heading “Coronavirus Grant”. Applicants will receive an email confirmation upon submission.

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